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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  August 25, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is breaking news. to us fromcoming fort lee in virginia. an incident at the base on lockdown. hurt and we're getting information about what happened. ran carter is monitoring us -- for us. >> the lockdown at that date has now been lifted. femaleficials say that a soldier was found with a gun
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around 9:00 this morning at the base. it is about 25 miles south of richmond. that soldier had a weapon and perhaps turned it on herself, firing one shot. and hertransferred condition is not known if this time. scene are on the investigating this ongoing incident. largest is the third training site. that active shooter situation has now been given the all clear. the lockdown has been lifted. we will continue to follow this development throughout the day. >> thank you. we want to move -- move on to the next story. mourners are packed into a church to say goodbye to michael brown. he was shot and killed by police officers.
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we are in st. louis with more. while mywant is peace son is being laid to rest. it can you please take a day of silence so we can lay our son to rest? >> michael brown senior wants to say goodbye and peace. thousands are expected at a st. louis church for the funeral. celebrities and white house officials will attend. >> this is not about our rage tomorrow it is about the memory of his son. >> this was a sunday rally that also featured the mother of trayvon martin. her son was killed in a high-profile shooting two years ago. >> we want you guys to stay focused on what you you need to do for your community. we know that we need to stop the violence. we know that.
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now we need to educate somebody else. local and federal investigators continue to look at the shooting and the actions of officer darren wilson. transparencysays will ensure justice. >> all the people around this appreciate the pressure and the watch that is going on. i am hopeful that everyone is going to live up to those duties and do a good job going forward. we are waiting to hear if the family will speak or if anyone will speak for them. a lot of national attention on this funeral. the rest of the community is trying to move forward and get back to their normal lives. children have finally gone to the first day of school today. >> thank you for that report. we appreciate it.
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he is live from ferguson, missouri. the sure to join us for a town hall special. it airs tomorrow night at 7:00 on our sister station. we will also be streaming it live at. salts may beal connected. the first attack was last wednesday on a kenyon street. came on oak street. the most recent was just a morning off the 1700 block of park road. women were groped and one was stabbed. house firehurt in a in northeast washington. the flames could be seen on the first and second floors of the home. minnesota avenue was closed for a time while crews put out the fire. >> the search is on for a man
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who robbed a hotel early this morning. it happened at the comfort in on it arlington boulevard. this was just before 4:00 this morning. no one was injured and the clerk said he had a gun. ugly but maybe a bit comical. the temporary stripes that crews put down between centreville and gainesville moved. brianne carter explains. section onsee the interstate 66 covered in skewed and snaking streets. somebody could've gotten in a serious accident. officials say temporary lane striping is to blame. it cause confusion for drivers this morning. the transit agency says over the weekend crews put down the envy -- adhesive striping where they are working on bridge repairs. they apologize to drivers for the chaotic commute.
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the striping peeled up all over the road and left behind the mess. sanchez says he first noticed the problem sunday morning. >> everything was shifting from left to right. >> crews are hoping to fix the problem before the evening rush. >> they should have been out there on site and shut down everything at 6:00. we are tracking that work throughout the day. you'll have an update coming up at 5:00. you might want to consider a detour if you're making your way across the river. the frederick douglass bridge is going to close at 11:00. it will be closed until about 4:00 tomorrow morning so that traffic can pass. >> we are taking a live look
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outside. it is a beautiful start to the work we. jacqui jeras is here with the forecast. >> the sunshine is finally back. it is beautiful here. a couple ite shows clouds are still hanging around to the west. we have nothing but sunshine. we have a cumulus cloud here and there. the temperature has warmed up to 80 degrees. out of the coming northeast at 10 miles per hour. we will not warm up too much more. our high will be in the low to mid 80's. there could be some delays if you are traveling. we're looking good across the nation's midsection. the heat has been brutal. it is going to try to work its way here as we move to the middle of the week. we will have details coming up. back to you. >> thank you very much.
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we are on your side with a health alert about teenagers and sleep. the american academy of pediatrics say the laying the start of school would give kids more sleep and that would translate into better health and grades. students find -- studies find that most high school students get less than seven hours of sleep each night. no change in start time for kids in the sea or -- d.c. havinggomery county is later start times. have a great day today. welcome back. >> today is the fossil end of the summer for students. for over 150,000 other montgomery county students. there is something in store for them as they walk into their classrooms. >> it is supposed to be nice.
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>> they are distributing 12,000 laptops and tablets. the goal is 40,000 by the end of the school year. it is part of an initiative to use more technology in the classroom. >> i am excited to know that we can use this. >> the price tag? about $15 million. it is money well spent. technologyded to use to learn in the 21st century. they can access so many wonderful resources. they can collaborate online. it is essential and we are very happy to provided. they are just excited to see how the devices will transform the learning experience in the classroom. ifi think it is fantastic
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they get access to equipment like that. >> it will make it easier. havee district should 100,000 of these devices and all other schools by 2017. 7 news. reyes, abc the additional $1.7 million will mean food for 240,000 other students. kids also went back to school in the district today. we were at mckinley technological campus as the students arrived. plan,d of a modernization the schools had major work done over the summer. we spoke to the school chancellor about changes the school year. increased afterschool programming. we have more sports teams.
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kids are not only going to develop test scores and their talents as well. built a new athletic stadium. students will return to freshened up lunch menus. students will have options for longer days. >> the corruption trial enters its fifth week today. bob mcdonnell is on the stand answering more questions from his wife's attorney and prosecutors. he walked in today with his daughter by his side. the former governor says he did not find out about loans and purchases made by his wife until after the fact. she received mental health counseling in 2012 and was prescribed medication. jeff goldberg is in the courtroom right now and he will have more at 5:00. , here is the church and here is the steeple.
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how this project caps on one congregations road to recovery. >> a little competition for maryland. calling. why phones are ringing across the city with celebrities on the other end of the line. >> >> scion to say that northern
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california could get aftershocks for weeks after the earthquake. an hour ago.han the original quake kidnapping early sunday morning. crews continue to assess the
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damage today. dozens of buildings have our to been declared unsafe. aftershocks could cause them to collapse. 12 people were hurt. >> the scaffolding of the top of the national cathedral is a reminder that people are still cleaning up here after the earthquake that rocked our region three years ago. churchesf the smaller are dealing with things. this parish is taking a step toward recovery today. because there was no steeple on the church. >> things happen for a region. this is why the church planned to stay positive after a steeple was destroyed during the storm two years ago. >> everybody said oh no. you just don't go to the store and buy a steeple. it was a long process. >> this community is welcoming its newest.
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>> the kids are excited. we put some substantial holes in the roof. there was a lot of damage. >> not everybody sees a church steeple lifted to the heavens. a man lifting crane moved in. the project was delayed a bit longer after running into some measurement problems. >> people are very generous. the insurance paid for a lot of the storm damage. >> we spent about $500,000 total. it laid here in the parking lot as you can see. it is 42 feet high. it weighs about 4000 pounds. inside it is aluminum. withstandit will another storm in the future. this congregation hopes would never have that kind of storm
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again. >> that storm was really scary. 7 news.gonzalez, abc >> is this just once every couple of years. it happens. around here, no excitement, just gorgeous. calm, quietautiful, day. there are no big concerns. get out there and enjoy it. how about heading to one of our national parks like shenandoah national park. because today is national day of the park service. it is 98 years old today. it started in 1916. i love our national parks.
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the temperature has warmed up to 80 degrees. we started out in the upper 60's. the dew point is in the 50's. the humidity is low. it feels comfortable. you can feel the difference in the air. the wind is coming out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour. this is going to keep the temperatures cooler than average today. the average high is 86 and we will be shy of that. we still have 70's on the map. 75 at ellis airport. 75 in manassas. we have some fog this morning. as we look across the region, look at the heat. this is been sitting here for about a week. that is going to start to blow off to the east and north. we will start to get in on these temperatures by the middle of the week. it is not going to happen today.
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high-pressure is keeping us high and dry. you can see a cold front across the upper midwest that is going to be a dry passage. know what weather in our forecast. as we look at the surface forecast, we just have calm and pleasant conditions. there will be a cumulus cloud here or there. temperatures will be in the low 80's. tomorrow, the wake-up temperature will be chilly. lots of kids back to school this week. we are thinking long sleeves to start the day. the temperature will wind up warmer than they are today. we will look for high temperatures in the 80's. we wanted to mention that the tropical storm might become a hurricane by tomorrow. it is going to stay far enough away from the coast that it will be no big deal. the seven day forecast, we will have a big warm up by the middle of the week.
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we will expect to see those temperatures by the end of the weekend. what a great way to end the weather cast. >> it is beautiful. >> now tweet out the seven day. a bit of an odd search is underway in australia. about 400 garden gnomes disappeared over the weekend. it this is not a joke. are on the tops of lampposts. they are valued at about $4000. >> they are expensive. today's your last chance to see a spectacular sight in our area. thatcloser look at issues >> 7 is on your side.
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recalling some of its batteries because they cannot hold a charge. apple has a website where you can for check the phones a serial number. just a wk after announcing low sales, another hit for the citrus industry. the size of aout pencil eraser is threatening the industry. spreading yellow dragon
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disease which slowly kills citrus trees. you need your mimosas. >> the horseshoe casino will be in baltimore complete with table games and slot machines. the other casinos are in perryville, hannover. a sixth will open in 2016. today is a last day you can see the replica of the pride of baltimore at the navy yard. the original 19th-century schooner disrupted british shipping during the war of 1812. schooner disrupted british shipping during the war of 1812. >>
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pehabits of cleaning theirld dentures with toothpaste, and dentures are very different than real teeth. they're about ten times softer and have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. it's unique micro-clean formula kills 99.99% of
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odor-causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning it a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend using polident. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday. >> statues aren't just standing silent in london anymore. >> come on. stand a while. >> that was patrick stewart giving voice to a statue of the unknown soldier. it is a 35 statues that now talk across london. they recorded phone messages from celebrities. you can type in the phone number to get one of those calls. >> we should do that on the washington monument. i like that. goodis is a pretty forecast. if you like summer, it comes back in the middle of the week. jake and i have been best friends for years.
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